First and foremost, stay CALM

One of the things that online dating and Christian online dating in real life have in common is some unavoidable first-time nervoussness or agitation. If you have finally fixed a date with a single man or woman through an Internet dating website, congratulations: any experience is, by definition, a learning opportunity, and this one should not be different. The best attitude to face a first date is a combination of positive thinking, hope, initiative and calm.

If you have found love using a Christian dating website, this will partly provide an appropriate frame, as your partner is assumed to share some basic attitudes and beliefs. This helps you generate tranquility, feel hopeful and have positive expectations about your meeting. The more the dating decision has been meditated and your relationship via Christian chat has proven easy and gratifying, the more reasons you have to face it with the appropriate positive attitude.

There are people who find especially difficult not to get nervous in new social situations needless to say, this gets worse when we are talking about such important step ahead in your online love search. If that is you, a good idea would be trying to avoid possible sources of stress or anxiety in precisely that special day, so do get things ready in advance, in order to prevent trouble. You could benefit from involving in a reasonably enjoyable activity prior to the appointment, and focusing on making your day stress-free and of course should not suddenly walk out on your date because you have scheduled another appointment too soon!. Try not to leave things until the last minute: choosing and having ready the clothes you want to wear, buying the tickets if you are attending a show, reserving a table in the restaurant, tuning up your vehicle, etc.

There are those with an especially adventurous spirit always on the lookout for those surprises any day might have in store for them. All extreme attitudes imply a risk and, in this case, it would be advisable to stop and think for a minute, put your feet on the ground and consider whether you have the organizational "essential services" under control. This is about minimizing the risk that something or someone spoils your dream Christian single date, so as not to regret afterwards any disaster that could have been easily prevented. Needless to say, your partner's expectations should be taken into account: they will likely be focused on dedicating your time together to get to know each other better, tête-à-tête (that is, without too many interferences). There is no accounting for taste, though... your previous experience with that single woman or man in the Christian dating website of your preference, might lead you to be certain that he or s he likes the unexpected as much as you do!

Regarding positive thinking (positive but realistic, please) and hope, we know they are essential to live life to the full, and that their opposites (negativism, despair) will take us nowhere. This you can apply at all levels, even the most minute and intimate: what we think and tell ourselves routinely when faced with any event. Do not forget how a situation can change when, instead of thinking "such a bad hair day, she will think me a loony" you opt for "my messy hairstyle is absolutely fashionable" you should not assume "oh-no, she noticed and is surely horrified" when your single date looks at you, but, e.g. distractedly run your hand through your hair and ask her "do you like my hairstyle today?". All in all, remember to keep calm and act cool!

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