Finding the right people for relationship

Are you sick and tired of playing the game in order to find and meet a single Christian looking for a relationship or marriage? You know the game I mean. It is the one in which you have to go to clubs and social events alone and hope that you meet someone who shares the same kind of core Christian values as yourself but knowing that you chances of finding such a treasure are slim at best. You have even attended churches other than your home church hoping to bump into Miss Right. Finding someone with whom you can engage in a serious Christian relationship can be brutal.

The Desperate Christian’s Testimony

We heard the testimony of one Christian looking for a relationship who was so frustrated at not being able to find his soul mate that he would look for Christian bumper stickers on the cars at the grocery store and then wait to see if it was driven by a single Christian woman. (No wedding or engagement ring) He would then find a way to strike up a conversation with her while pretending to shop. “The Game” can get very complicated, if you let it.

Do You Feel the Odds are Against You?

Let’s face it, the odds of even being introduced to your soul mate by your friends who care about you are almost as slim as bumping into him or her at the grocers. We find ourselves looking for true love in all the wrong places. Finding the “Right” single Christian looking for relationship is an impossible situation, or at least... it used to be. The solution is here and it is not only viable, it is actually a ton of fun. More than 25% of all relationships that lead to marriage now start online. A dating website is the answer to the problem.

That Creepy Feeling

If you just cringed at the thought of going through a slew of different websites, each more embarrassing and costly than the last, we do not blame you. Parading your profile in front of strangers and meeting people you cannot see in chat rooms sounds a little weird at first. It certainly does not sound like fun. You have to talk to strangers in a chat room, trying to decide what to say and not sound like a weirdo or a lunatic while praying the people you are chatting with are not crazy as well. It sounds like a nightmare. Why would Christian singles even hang out in places like these?

A Unique Online Dating Website for Christian Singles

That is why we created It is also, why we are so successful. is unlike any online dating service around. It is specifically geared towards single Christian men and women. But we do not stop there. is only online dating website strictly for those Christian singles that are looking to date for the sole intention of marriage. When you become a member with us, you will find...

  • People just like you who are looking for True Love
  • Christians with the same Christian values and faith that you have
  • Singles who want to settle down and marry the man or woman of their dreams
  • Single Christians who are tired of “Playing the Game”
  • People who, like you, want to meet interesting people who share the same interests and goals in life
  • Christian singles who have put their faith in God when they decided to become a member of

Lay Your Burden on the Lord

The best way to find your soul mate; the person with whom you are meant to be with, is to give this burden to God. Go ahead and sign-up for today and leave the rest up to the Lord. You will be amazed at the results you will have finding a Christian lasting relationship when you place a little faith and trust in Him. Your soul mate may have already taken this step is may be patiently waiting for you on right now.

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