Safety and Security

Do you run a background check on your members?

No, we do not run a background check on our members. We don’t want to give our members a false sense of security since the currently available background checks are faulty and don’t give a 100% guarantee. All your personal information is kept confidential and you are the only one that can share it with others. Please read our Online Dating Safety advice.

Activities deemed prohibited

Please read our Membership Guidelines for a full list of activities prohibited are:
1. Commercial activities,
2. Sending mass emails,
3. Advertisement,
4. Solicitations of sex, money, goods or services.

How do you know if a member is a Christian or not?

At the time that the application is submitted we can only rely on the truth and the integrity of the individual. We count on our members to help us discover those that are non-Christian, so that we can act accordingly. We will remove profiles of the members who are proven to be non-Christian.

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