Communication Guidelines

Can I send an advertisement to members?

No. Please read our Membership Guidelines carefully. This site is intended for a personal use only. Profiles of the member’s linking to any commercial activities will be deleted.

How often should I answer my e-mails?

You should answer your emails as soon as you receive them. It is just a basic human courtesy to reply; and it is our policy to reply to your messages in a timely manner within 48 hours.

Can I send my personal email address to another member?

If you are serious and have gotten to know the member and feel comfortable enough to send him/her your email you may do so. We highly recommend that you get to know the person well before you share any personal information. Ask questions, you can never ask too many. Our site is not liable for any of your own personal decisions or actions outside the site.

Can I send my personal information to a member?

We do not recommend sending your personal information such as your social security number, home address, and bank account information, etc. at any time. Please be safe and read our Online Dating Safety.

How well should I get to know someone before I decide to meet?

You should get to know the person well enough 3 or more months. You can exchange Videos, Photos through our site.

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