Things I Need to Know Before I Join

Are your prices fair and competitive?

Our services are nothing but affordable. We personally checked how convenient our prices are compared to those sites of the same caliber.

Does this service really work? Can I really find my soul mate here?

We can assure you great satisfaction with our services. Although we cannot guarantee how long the process will take, we are certain that you will find happiness. We’ve made this site from a modern Christian perspective in order for people to really find what they’re looking for.

Is this website really Christian?

Our site was produced on a Christian platform. Although everyone on our team has their own beliefs that they are entitled to, we all understand how crucial it is for this website to be as Christian as possible.

How do you know if a member is a Christian or not?

Online Dating is already jeopardizing and venturesome, so we understand your concern. At the time that you join, we can only rely on the truth and the integrity of the individual. It is up to you as a member of this community to be as truthful as you can.

What is the age range of your members?

Members could be as young as 18. So far our average amount of members are either in their early 30s or mid 60’s.

What type of people are your members?

There are no certain criteria we can appoint to our members. They are from all walks of life and this site is where they all come together to find love.

What is required to join?

To join you are required to:
1. Honesty
2. Be of any Christian faith
3. Be of legal age (18 years old and older)
4. Be a marriage-minded individual
5. Comply with our Membership Guidelines and Membership Terms of Use.
Think of you joining this site as a big step forward to the rest of your life. All we really require from you is good intentions and an open mind.

How do I delete my blog?

1. Go to “Social” then “My Blogs”
2. Choose the blog you wish to delete by clicking the trash symbol
3. When prompted, select "yes.”

I like a member's Blog. How do I get to know that member?

While viewing the blogs you may view a members profile by clicking on the member’s username that is shown highlighted. The members profile will then show, read their profile and send them a message, wink, quick note or an E-card to start a conversation.

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